Welcome to Alpine Dental Care Headed by Dr. Garon Larsen!

Dr. Garon Larsen and his entire team are committed to the highest standards for your family’s dental health. We offer comprehensive and cutting edge dental services like powerful in-office teeth whitening, dental implants, digital X-rays and metal-free crowns. We invest in new technology and treatments to deliver faster, better results and superior patient care. Our modern, digital office has the new Dental Vibe for painless injections, in-office movies, and a genuinely caring team to make sure that you get the best dental treatment in total comfort.

We’re the longest running dental practice in town and we are proud to serve Alpine, Highland and surrounding communities. For us, providing the best service for your family also means being thorough and comprehensive every step of the way.

We will work with you to achieve the smile of their dreams. You will see digital x-rays and images of the current condition of your mouth on iPad or high-resolution monitors. Zoom in and expand the images so you can see in detail. Then, we will show you how your mouth will look after treatment. You will also be able to zoom in on the digital images and discuss your goals further with Dr. Larsen. Your treatment goals are important to us. We love seeing our patients leave our dental office confident and happy with their beautiful, healthy smiles.

At Alpine Dental Care, advanced dentistry is pain-free and for everyone. We have an in-office dental benefits plan for patients who don’t have insurance.

Call our Alpine, Utah dental office today at (801) 756-4440 or set an appointment online to learn more about our services and dental benefits plan.